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Our experience in providing Structured Cabling solutions and Data Centers with skilled connectivity professionals having a successful track record.

Cabling infrastructure is at the core of every voice, data and multimedia network. It is the key to data centre availability and manageability. Proper planning, configuration and installation for connectivity are critical or it can become a tangled jumble that causes inefficiency, excessive heat and unnecessary expense in the IT environment.



enterprise Solutions by Akshay Infotech

Our support engineers identify the server and desktop issues instantly and resolve them before they turn grave. Right from IT System designing to IT Support, our trained IT staff do all that is necessary, to keep the desktops and servers, up and running, at all times. They try to eliminate slowdowns and outages before users complain.

Performance issues hurt customer satisfaction and loyalty. They also drive up your costs and impact revenue. We ensure a healthy desktop environment to our customers by taking proactive approach of their servers and desktops, which are set up to be the access point to much more complex underlying business systems and applications.

Enterprise Solutions from Akshay Infotech

Our supple approach to desktop support services help us to alter our service to meet up your exact requirements and to develop with your organization. Consequently, we make end-user IT support simple, improve safety and help your organization to concentrate on your core business objectives without troubling to address day-to-day user issues that usually occur.

Our Desktop Support Services aim at providing a one stop solution for managing all your end-user needs and requests on time. Right from asset management, software support, warranty repairs, and network and remote access to a wide range of questions generated by end-users, our help desk support experts provide you with a beneficial yet reliable IT support solution.

Enterprise Solutions from Akshay Infotech

Windows Thin PC offers many of the benefits of a thin client. Organizations can improve security and compliance on their repurposed PCs, by using write filters to prevent data from being written to disk. Additionally, Windows Thin PC ensures a rich remote desktop experience through RemoteFX, enabling delivery of high fidelity multimedia content from centralized desktops.

Windows Thin PC is built on the proven Windows 7 platform. Organizations can leverage existing management strategy and tools such as System Center to centrally manage Windows Thin PC, including accelerated role based deployment of applications, security patches, updates, and data. Enterprise features such as BitLocker and AppLocker further help IT secure their devices, while DirectAccess helps customers securely access their corporate data on repurposed laptops.